o   Introduction

No Jubilem la Memòria was created by a group of people who wished to preserve the history and memory of the Second Republic and the Spanish civil war in the Priorat (1931-39).

Since 2005, NJLM has been on the official register of the "Generalitat de Catalunya". (Law 7/1997, registered no. 4343).

We are open to the idea of collaboration with private and institutional groups with similar interests and aims as our own. If you represent such a group and would like more information about the possibilities of collaboration, please contact us.

Contributions to our association will be very welcome, whether financial or in the form of relevant material.

If you would like to join our association, please click here for the membership form.

Collaborating organisations:

Gen. Catal CC Priorat Aj. Falset IR Muntaner G. Estivill Jorgensen
Generalitat  de  Catalunya
Departament de Relacions
Institucionals i Participació
County Council
Town Council
Ramon Muntaner
& Company