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Warm Earth (kindle)

Besides the paper books, now we introduce electronic books. You knew that our Honorary President, Angela Jackson, had published Warm Earth at Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie (ISBN-13: 978-1903490310). Well, now it is available for the first time on Kindle, also.

Angela Jackson's novel Warm Earth is based on the real experiences of three women who volunteered to come to Spain to help the Republic during the Spanish Civil War. The Priorat features as one of the key locations in this dramatic and moving story.

This Electronic Book (ASIN: B01B391GLS) has a size of 4 MB and can be purchased for only 2.99 € (£2.10) at Amazon Books.

For those who prefer the classical way, there is still the paperback edition, too.


Textos per entendre millor la Guerra Civil
(Texts for a better understanding of the Spanish Civil War)

This book contains a selection of the lectures given between 2003-2012 during the celebrations of the annual events organised by No Jubilem la Memòria. In these annual events we were fortunate to call upon local historians, university lecturers and historians of international repute, such as Paul Preston, Gabriel jackson o Angela Jackson, president of the associaciation No Jubilem la Memòria.

These transcriptions from those who have collaborated with our group are important contributions to the process of understanding more about the complex period of the 1930s, spanning the Second Spanish Republic, the civil war and for many, the subsequent road to exile. The chapters are written in Catalan, English or Spanish.

The book has been published by Editorial Petròpolis, and has the ISB Number: 978-84-616-9667-3.


o   Other related books:

20 anys de cooperativisme "El Porvenir" 1916-1936.
Vint anys de cooperativisme obrer a Falset

This book about the cooperativist movement in Falset, Catalonia, investigates several aspects of the social situstion leading up the outbreak of civil war in 1936 The author, Pere Audí i Ferrer won the prize at the Jocs Florals of Torroja in 2004 for this study.

It can be bought at the bookshop in Falset, El Llapis, in the Plaça de la Quartera, in other bookshops, or can be bought direct from the publishers: Carrutxa.


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