PIC   Photo report of the 8-9/11/2008 event

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Exhibition in Marçà

Pere Audí welcoming Hortènsia Grau

Lecture by
Teresa Farré

Audience attending the talk given by Teresa Farré

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Inauguration of the plaque
in Els Guiamets

Floral tribute by NJLM

Plaque in memory
of the dead

Hortènsia Grau, Ignasi Sardà and Angela Jackson

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Group of re-enactors

Exhibition at Els Guiamets

Exhibition about the
medical services

Details from the exhibition

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Francesc Rubio, Ignasi Sardà and Albert Sabaté

Hortènsia Grau and
Xavier Sabaté

Albert Sabaté, of NJLM

Speech by Xavier Sabaté

17 18 19 tornar
Miquel Perelló

Lecture by
Angela Jackson

Audience attending
the event

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