PIC   Photo report of the Flix event 6th November 2005

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Ferry G. Pesce-1 M. Wolff-1 M. Wolff-2
The ferry on the Ebro at Flix

Arrival of Giovanni Pesce

Arrival of Milton Wolff, at
the north side of the river

Offering in memory of
fellow Brigaders

M. Wolff-3 G. Pesce-2 P. Munoz J. Alsace
Milton Wolff, listening to the music of "El Cant dels Ocells"

Giovanni Pesce speaking on the ferry

Pere Muñoz, Mayor of Flix, giving his speech

Tribute to the Brigaders from Juan Alsace, U.S Consul General from Barcelona
Rep. ADAR Group a Flix Attendants C. Cuadrada
Antoni Vilella, representative of the Aviators Association, Republican Air Force (ADAR)

The group, in front of the exhibition hall in Flix

The audience during the tribute to Brigades

The talk given by
Coral Cuadrada.
J. Sanchez Cervelló M. Wolff & A. Jackson G. Pesce & P. Munoz 4 Generations
The talk given by
Josep Sànchez Cervelló

Tribute to Milton Wolff from NJLM president, Angela Jackson

Tribute to Giovanni Pesce, from the Mayor of Flix

Reaching across four generations

G. Pesce-4 Plaque IB. Old combatants Galleries
Giovanni Pesce, at the Flix memorial to the IB.

New plaque honouring the
International Brigades

An emotional salute from the veterans

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