PIC   Photo report of the Marçà events 5th November 2005

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President of the Catalan Parliament, Ernest Benach, greets Milton Wolff in Marçà

Milton Wolff welcomed by members of the crowd outside the Town Hall, Marçà

Albert Sabaté, Vice-president of NJLM, speaking during the inauguration ceremony in memory of Fernando Iaffa

Milton Wolff and the President of the Catalan Parliament at the memorial for Fernando Iaffa

Miguel Iaffa with Ernest Benach.

Angela Jackson, president of NJLM, with the Mayor of Marçà, Quico Piqué

Angela Jackson lays flowers in memory of John Cookson.

The audience attending the talks in the Sala Polivalent, Marçà

Italian Brigader,Giovanni
Pesce, addresses the
audience in Marçà

Milton Wolff presents Ernest Benach with a copy of his book, Otra Colina.

Shirley Mangini, Emeritus Professor from California State University presents M. Wolff's book, Otra Colina

John Butler introduces Jesús Monllaó, director of the film The Oblique Glance


Heather Bridger and Bruce Barthol sing at the celebration of Milton Wolff's 90th birthday, Marçà

Milton Wolff listens to the singing at his birthday celebration in Marçà

Milton Wolff with Angela Jackson and the Republican aviator, Antoni Vilella

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