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logo aixovp Això va passar (That happened this way)
Website about the Spanish Civil War in La Bisbal de Falset (also in English)

logo aabi AABI
Association of Friends of International Brigades

logo adar ADAR
Spanish Aviators Association, Republican Air Force

Pages of Abraham Lincoln Battalion Archives

The spanish Association for Retrieval of Historical Memory

logo BCGB
Web devoted to basque refugee children

logo Ebre Ebre 38
International Magazine about the SCW.

Research Group on Historical Memory in Castelló

GCE Guerra Civil
Web about the Spanish Civil War, with discussion list

The International Brigade Memorial Trust of United Kingdom

logo irl IBCC
Ireland and the Spanish Civil War

logo comebe COMEBE
The Consortium of Ebre's Battlefields Memorial

MdiS Memorie di Spagna
Web about italian volunteers in Spanish Civil War

logo diari Merriman's Diary
Transcription of brigader Robert Merriman's Diary (1937).

Tarrega1939 Tàrrega 1939
Tàrrega's Museum website: exhibition "Tàrrega from 1939 to 1951".

TotselsNoms Tots els Noms (All the names)
Website of the IEP. with namelists of missing people during the SCW.

  Local Websites:

CCP Consell Comarcal del Priorat
County Council website with links to our villages, helping you to know us better.

logo_marca Falset Town Council
Falset is the capital of Priorat, our county

logo_marca Marçà Town Council
Website with informations about our town and its activities

logo_torre La Torre de Fontaubella Town Council
More informations about this village

info Priorat Tourism Office
Useful informations to come and stay at Priorat

  Cultural organisations:

Inst. R. Muntaner Institut Ramon Muntaner
Institute binding a lot of studies centres from Catalonia

Carrutxa Carrutxa
Documentation centre about the Heritage and the Memory

CEP Centre d'Estudis del Priorat
A studies centre of our county

CEF Centre d'Estudis Falsetans
The studies centre of Falset.

Friend blogs:

Biblioteca Salvador Estrem Library Blog
The Public Library of Falset

Blog Pere Audí's Blog
Blog about contemporanean history and the Priorat

Falsari El Falsari
Toni Orensanz's Blog, with interesting stories


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